2022 Tentative Agenda

The theme for the Development2030 2022 conference will be:

Beyond aid to sustainable impact - is the commercialisation of our sector realising success?

With an ever-increasing pressure to ensure the global public and governments worldwide continue to support overseas development assistance, it is imperative for the international community to adapt to the changing landscape if we are to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. Our Development2030 event will consider how best we can do this, through identifying the key existing and emerging players, and analysing their role in creating long-term impact for low- and middle income countries.

Topics Include:

With less than a decade to go, how on track are we to achieve the sustainable development goals?

‘Decade of Action – Ten Years to Transform the World’ UN.

How are the new development actors working with the traditional agencies like USAID and the EU?

A look at who is disrupting traditional development models and whether this is good or bad. Development is increasingly being financed differently – how can development actors access necessary resources?

Holding development agencies to account – should this be less process and more results focused?

Analysing the best means to evaluate.

Donor attitudes – should the poor be “customers” and is it ethical for private companies to substantially profit from international assistance?

A discussion on whether we should be changing corporate models to protect the poor and vulnerable.

What role does philanthropy play and how can we get philanthropists to comply with good development practices and abandon anonymity for transparent giving?

Changing attitudes to a new age of philanthropy.

Is the next generation of partnerships a win-win approach for private sector and recipient countries or is there a danger of exploitation?

Analysing what measures are being taken to protect the best projects and limit corruption by ensuring transparency mutual benefits.

Partnerships for the long run – how do we implement projects that last beyond donor involvement?

Activities and measures that will contribute to the achievement of long-term outcomes.