Nazneen Ahmed

Dr. Nazneen Ahmed is the Country Economist at UNDP. Before joining UNDP, she worked at the Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies (BIDS), as a Senior Research Fellow. She possesses a distinguished academic career with undergraduate and post-graduate degrees in Economics from the University of Dhaka, a post-graduate degree in Development Economics and International Development from the University of Sussex and a Doctorate in Economics from the Wageningen University.  

She has nearly 24 years of research experience in development economics, focusing on macroeconomic management, inclusive growth, international trade, industry, private sector, SME development, labour rights and gender issues.  Dr. Nazneen has been involved in resource planning and budget formulation for Bangladesh for about a decade. She was a member of the panel of economists to adopt the 7th Five-Year Plan of Bangladesh and one of the authors of the upcoming National Human Development Report of Bangladesh.  She has also previously served as a Director of the Palli Sanchay Bank, a public sector bank in Bangladesh, and as a member of the General Body of the Palli Karma Shohayak Foundation (PKSF).