Sponsors and Partners

DevelopmentAid is a European social enterprise working in the field of international development cooperation. DevelopmentAid is the leading, innovative membership organisation providing comprehensive information services for the international developmental sector. By providing a nexus of funding opportunities, expertise, and carefully curated data, DevelopmentAid specialises in connecting donors, agencies, consultancy firms, NGOs, and individual professionals in the international development field.

Initially founded in 1992 to provide life-saving assistance to children affected by conflicts or natural disasters, Qatar Charity expanded its areas of expertise over more than two decades to include various humanitarian and development aid fields. Driven by its vision of dignity for all, Qatar Charity, one of the leading NGOs in the Middle East, works in over 50 countries either through its 25 regional offices or through local partnerships to saves lives, to help communities rebuild and to empower the most vulnerable communities. Between 2013 and 2017, Qatar Charity spent over $1.3bn to change the lives of more than 178 million people including refugees, victims of disasters or conflicts, and vulnerable communities among which the children, women and elderly.

Football Fiesta is based around a unique new leisure concept offering an indoor Football Fan Park experience in permanent sites on High Streets and in Shopping Malls.  We are using this positioning and exposure to create our “Centre of the Community” ethos making football and healthy activity accessible and available to all ages, abilities, sexes and races equally.

Alongside the venues (and inside the venues) we are striving to work towards UN Sustainable Development Goals and also promoting these goals to our visitors, school programmes, corporate events and more.