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While the world has made significant improvements to eradicate poverty in recent decades, approximately 700 million people still live on less than US$1.90 a day. Developing nations face wide-ranging challenges, from poor infrastructure and low economic development to rapid population growth and skills gap.

Addressing these challenges requires governments, private sector organizations and donors to work together. At EY, we work extensively with multiple international development organizations around the world to support their development agendas.


DevelopmentAid is a European social enterprise working in the field of international development cooperation. DevelopmentAid is the leading, innovative membership organisation providing comprehensive information services for the international developmental sector. By providing a nexus of funding opportunities, expertise, and carefully curated data, DevelopmentAid specialises in connecting donors, agencies, consultancy firms, NGOs, and individual professionals in the international development field.

Sustain Europe is a European briefing covering sustainable travel, business affairs, business travel, foreign direct investment, sustainable development and more: informatively, without agenda, and in a way that delivers commercial and environmental benefit.

Alliance magazine is the definitive resource for philanthropy and social investment worldwide, providing independent opinion, expert debate and trusted insight.

At EMIC Media We Have Maintained Our Purpose As A Marketing Solutions, Media Company. Our Journey In Media For Development And Communications Began In 2007 While Pioneering In Constructive Media For International Development. Our Commitment To Our Global Partners In The Private Sector, Civil Society And Governments – Put Us At The Forefront In Reporting And Tracking Development Goals Agendas. We Are Proud To Have Established The Most Inclusive Deliverables Through Our Publications, Showcasing An Archive Of Information For Research And Marketing Continuity.

The objective of iMPACT is to create an exclusive information hub for the development sector, that provides users with latest innovations, best practices, case studies, research, and also career guidance to young agents of change. Relatively, iMPACT provides a more streamlined influence that targets development sector individuals, ranging from corporate and non-profit leaders to students and fresh graduates.

The Stellar Development Foundation (SDF) is a non-profit organization founded in 2014 to support the development and growth of the open-source Stellar network. SDF and Stellar seek to unlock the world’s economic potential by making money more fluid, markets more open, and people more empowered. The Foundation helps maintain Stellar’s codebase, supports the technical and business communities around Stellar, and is a speaking partner to regulators and institutions.

We are the Humanitarian Leadership Academy. We strengthen people’s skills and capabilities through learning, working with people in the humanitarian sector and beyond to prepare for and respond to crises. We are a sector-facing team within Save the Children. We benefit from the knowledge and experience brought by 100 years of responding to crises while still retaining our independence. This allows us to complement Save the Children’s work, supporting more humanitarians, working with anyone with an interest in creating positive change, and exploring new innovations in learning.

AsianNGO is a one-stop solution to all your grants, partnership, and learning needs. We aim to empower and unite NGOs, nonprofit organizations, social enterprises and philanthropists with NGO funding sources to help them amplify their impact towards society’s development . Being a highly efficient engine, AsianNGO focuses on supporting and ensuring the sustainability of the key actors in the development sector by providing information on nonprofit funding sources, relevant funds for ngos, securing partnerships and accommodating learning needs.

The Global Interagency Security Forum (formerly EISF) is a member-led NGO forum that drives change through our global network of over 140 member organisations. We influence good security risk management practice that works for the whole humanitarian sector, improving the security of aid workers and operations for sustainable access.

Appropriate Technology – The quarterly magazine for practical changes in the developing world. The content of Appropriate Technology is directed towards communicating new practical technologies, policies and ideas addressed to the elimination of poverty and hunger. Wherever you are in the world, you will find plenty to interest you in Appropriate Technology. By concentrating on real-life experiences and problems, this publication deals with practical development in a clear, straightforward way. Lessons learnt in one part of the world may be also applied in another part of the globe…

At Fleet Forum, we recognize that the way in which economics, the environment, and transport-related deaths come together are at the very heart of effective transport operations. With this as a foundation, Fleet Forum has emerged as a dynamic forum and gathering place for organisations with the ideas, resources, and influence to discuss road safety practice and policy and to draw attention to the critical issues that road safety, transport, and fleet management issues present to our world.

Start Network’s vision is for a locally led humanitarian system that is accountable to people affected by and at risk of crises. They aim to achieve their vision by making system-level shifts in the way humanitarian support is approached and delivered.

ILS works with NGOs and social enterprises of every shape and size. From poverty alleviation to conflict and disaster response, we develop risk appropriate and pragmatic solutions whatever the size and mandate of the organisation. Using our wealth of experience in security and programme management, we help business and organisation leaders to meet their duty of care to staff.