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Sustainable Initiative of the Year Award

With a huge positive uptake of climate consciousness around the world, this prize seeks to reward the best example of a green strategy – how working in environmentally friendly ways does not have to sacrifice economic productivity.

Submit your entry – Entries close on 19th of August.

Past Winner:


GENAQ has been able to solve problems related to drinking water through a process that replicates rainwater. GENAQ atmospheric water generators take in air from outside, filter it and extract its humidity. Once the water is condensed, it follows a specialized treatment to obtain the highest quality of water at the lowest energy cost. All this procedure is carried out through an energy source that can come from the electrical network, generator set, solar or wind energy. In the last two cases, generators are completely autonomous and sustainable, and what is more, they can be placed in locations without access to power supply and with no operating cost. Likewise, another essential factor is the high quality of water achieved through a six-stage process of air and water filtration, preservation through ultraviolet technology and mineralization.